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FCF Fire and Electrical are licensed electrical contractors who can help you with a full range of electrical services. Our competitive pricing and fast friendly service makes us the electricians of choice for many Rockhampton homes and businesses.


We provide a full range of wiring services for buildings of all types.

Test and Tag

We can ensure your electrical devices are fault free & your business is compliant

Light Installation

All types of Light Installation including flood lights, downlights and more

RCD Installation

RCD Safety Switch installation and testing to ensure safety & compliance

Fault Repairs

Electrical testing and fault repair services for wiring, lighting and appliances


As licensed electricians we can assist with all domestic & commercial electrical tasks

Do You Need an Electrician?

Homeowners who need installations or repairs associated with electrical systems or wiring must hire a licensed electrician. Australian laws are strict regard to who is allowed to perform these services. To acquire these services, the homeowner may need a compliance certificate first. The certificate grants legal permission to homeowners to acquire these installations and repairs. The certificate also provides these homeowners with protection against low quality or faulty services.

Electricians also perform evaluations of existing wiring and electrical supplies for residential properties. These evaluations help them identify non-compliance with updated standards. This could include the installation of safety apparatuses that are required under these new regulations.

Before the homeowner hires an electrician to perform these repair or installation services, they should verify their license. If the services are performed without proper accreditation, the homeowner could face penalties according to Australian laws.

faulty electrical work

We repair dangerous and illegal electrical wiring like this.

Some Signs That You Need an Electrician

Any electrical problem should be dealt with quickly to prevent possible electrical fires. Here are some of the signs you may need an electrician.

Blown Fuses and Tripped Circuit Breakers

It isn’t supposed to be very common for circuit breakers to trip or fuses to blow. If this happens frequently, the homeowner is using more electricity than the current system can handle. Having a professional add more circuits can help to solve this problem.

Smelling a Burning Odour

If there is a popping noise or a burning odour, it indicates there may be faulty wiring or overloaded circuits. This could cause wires to burn and start a fire.

The Building Is at Least 30 Years Old

Older homes weren’t wired to handle the electrical needs of today’s homeowners. This means if the wiring hasn’t been updated since the home was built, it may be time now. Otherwise, using all of the typical electrical devices may overload the system and cause a problem.

Not Enough Outlets

If a homeowner needs to run extension cords or run cords under rugs, most likely they need more outlets. These long cords are also a tripping hazard.

Charred Electrical Outlets

Outlets shouldn’t be charred. This typical means that there’s a loose wire producing sparks. This could cause a fire. Don’t use the outlet, turn off that circuit breaker and contact an FCF Fire & Electrical to fix the problem.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Should the lights frequently dim or flicker, especially when a certain electrical appliance is used, this could mean the circuit is overloaded. The home may need another circuit added to handle the extra current needed by the appliance.

Switches or Plugs That Are Warm to the Touch

This is a sign that there may be too high of a demand for electricity on a circuit. Getting shocks when touching theses areas is another potential sign.

While not all of these problems are immediate dangers, they do all merit a call to an electrician. Have the electrician evaluate the current electrical system in the house and determine whether changes or repairs need to be made.

Understanding the Law When It Comes to Using an Electrician

The Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007 outlines the laws related to using an electrician. According to the local laws, property owners are prohibited from performing any form of electrical work on their own property. The laws are in place to prevent the risk of property fires. The laws state that the property owner must acquire a certificate of conformance before any work is conducted. They must acquire this certificate from the proper authorities in their designated region.

The Rockhampton Electrician must provide information related to their Electrical license for these purposes. Homeowners must submit a request for the certificate with this information to remain compliant with safety standards and the law. The electrician must be authorized by the proper authorities to perform these tasks. In most cases, they must possess an electrical license for at least one year. A violation by homeowners who choose to perform electrical repairs on their own could equate to the maximum penalty under WHS regulations.

Homeowners are required by law and safety regulations to hire a fully qualified electrician to perform any electrical tasks in their property. According to local laws and standards, it is illegal for any homeowner to perform these tasks on their own. The performance of these electrical tasks without proper authority could result in legal consequences. For help with Rockhampton Electrical Services, Call FCF Fire and Electrical Rockhampton today.

Electrical FAQs

When should I call an electrician?

Call an electrician if you:

• Turn on the AC and it dims the lights in the room
• Change fuses or reset circuit breakers too often
• See the lights flickering or going on and off
• Have overloaded outlets
• Need a two-prong adapter for a three-prong plug
• Use extension cords for your electrical devices

Can I tackle small electrical jobs around my house as do-it-yourself projects?

Absolutely not; it is against the law for any person but a qualified electrician to rewire the house or carry out any domestic wiring. Even when the job is done to standard, you will not be able to get it to pass certification. In addition, you risk your personal safety as well as the safety of other members of your household when you decide to solve your electrical problems yourself. As such, it makes more safety sense to hire a qualified and licensed electrician to complete all of your household wiring.

What is an RCD?

Also referred to as a safety switch, RCD is the acronym for residual-current device. This device is designed to monitor the flow of electrical current. If a leak is detected from an appliance, switch or faulty wiring, it disconnects the power.

How can a safety switch save people's lives?

Regarding regular power circuits, the current that flows to an electrical appliance returns via the neutral wire. In the case of a compromised circuit, the voltage can leak to earth through an individual who makes contact with the appliance, causing serious injury or even death.

A safety switch identifies power loss from the circuit and cuts off the electricity supply in 30 milliseconds or so. It is important to note that this response time is quicker than the crucial section of a heartbeat. Therefore, it considerably lowers the risk of serious injury or death.

What is Home Automation?

Done properly, home automation enables members of your household to enjoy greater security and convenience in your home. It achieves this by better designing, integrating and programming electrical equipment. A qualified and professional electrician will assist you in creating your dream home. He or she will make it easier for you to choose and achieve the best home automation system for you and other members of your household.

The advantages of home automation include convenience, ‘future proofing,’ energy savings or aesthetics. Home automation scope can range between structured telephone wiring, Internet, video-intercom, LAN and video and automated lighting control, home theatre audio, multi-room audio, keyless entry and security and automated motorised blinds, watering, motorised roller shutters, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, air-conditioning and other appliances.

When should an electrical safety check be done?

It is recommended that an electrical inspection should be carried out if:

• The property is 25 years or older
• You are buying a previously occupied property
• If it has been over 5 years since the last inspection was done

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